APi Garage Door Insulation Kit by 4T Dasma Garage

With the APi Garage Door Insulation Kit is easy, fast and affordable to make your garage a more comfortable place to work. Plus you’ll get increased thermal performance. Did you know that insulating your home can save you money on energy bills by ensuring you lose less heat in the winter and less cool air in the summer? This is especially true when you’re paying to run the air conditioning. Garage door insulation is something we often overlook, but it can make a lot of sense for attached garages.

As a result of its unique design and the construction nature of the base material the API garage door insulation kit offers a list of several positive features:

* An R-Value of 9
* 5 x improvement in thermal insulation
* 85% Post-Industrial recycled-content product.
* Reflective surface brightens up interior garage space
* Up to 20% noise reduction (a nice perk if you live on a busy street)
* Easily cleanable white Kraft-material surface reinforced white fiberglass scrim.

APi Garage Door Insulation Kit

APi Garage Door Insulation Kit 

The APi Garage Insulation Kit requires no fasteners because it is a different type of insulation that “friction-fits” in the cavity. Better fit and zero hassle with extra parts.

Furthermore, the kit is 85% recycled. And, if that is not enough, unlike vinyl which becomes brittle in cold weather the kit is faced with a much higher quality product. The inner layer of the facing is a metalized polypropylene, the center is a reinforcing tri-directional fiberglass/polyester and the outer layer is a clean looking reflective white kraft. The facing components are bonded together by an eco-friendly flame resistant adhesive.

The kits are great for do-it-yourselfers, as well as, retrofit garage service agents who can now offer their customers, and higher R-value than bubble and Styrofoam, and saves them time wasted on clips, tape, and brackets all at a highly competitive price.

Finally, the kits are about 15 to 20 lbs. therefore not exceeding the 25 lbs added weight capacity of automatic garage door openers.


  1. Frank Martin says

    I ordered and received your Eco-Friendly 4T Dasma APi Garage Door Insulation Kit and when I installed the insulation I found that the kit included 6 plastic end pieces 21 inches long that fit the door and gave the job a very nice finished look. The only problem I have is that I did not get enough of the plastic pieces to complete the job. I ordered two kits since I have a 16 foot door and have extra bracing since I live in Florida. My question is –Where can I find additional plastic pieces to finish the job ? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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